The archeoViz portal


This portal gives access to archeological datasets edited online using instances of the archeoViz application. Each instance can be cited and is referenced in the HAL repository.

archeoViz is designed for spatialised data in archaeology generated during excavations and surveys. It allows to visualise a dataset, interactively explore it, and quickly deploy and communicate it on the web.

It offers interactive visualisations, can generate and export 3D view, cross sections and maps of the remains, can run basic spatial statistics methods (convex hull, regression surfaces, 2D kernel density estimation), export data to other online applications, and display the timeline of an excavation.

This app is distributed as an open source R package, with its code available on github.

archeoViz can be used locally on a personal computer or deployed on a server. It can be run statically with a specific dataset or dynamically by loading data through the interface, which is available in German, English, French, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese.

Use cases

51 datasets    446,903 objects   12,431 refitting relationships

  • Click on a row of the table to zoom the map to the dataset's location.
  • Use the slider to filter the datasets by site altitude.
  • Use the “Search” field to search sites by site name, chronological period, country, and remain type.

Usage statistics

Dataset-related instances

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Package and Programming Code

  • The archeoViz R package is available on the CRAN.
  • Plutniak, Sébastien, Renata Araujo, Laura Coltofean, Nicolas Delsol, Sara Giardino, Julian Laabs. 2023. “archeoViz. Visualisation, Exploration, and Web Communication of Archaeological Excavation Data”. v1.3.3, Zenodo, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7460193.
  • Plutniak, Sébastien, Anaïs Vignoles, Élisa Caron-Laviolette. 2023. The archeoViz Portal: Dissemination of Spatial Archaeological Datasets, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10251182

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  • The archeoViz application / R package is developed by Sébastien Plutniak (CNRS).
  • The archeoViz portal is maintained by S. Plutniak, Anaïs Vignoles, and Élisa Caron-Laviolette.


Arthur Coulon, Solène Denis, Olivier Marlet, and Thomas Perrin supported the project in its early stage.

First contributors to the portal include: Astolfo Araujo, Jean-Pierre Chadelle, Elsa Defranoult, Solène Denis, Emmanuel Discamps, Mathieu Langlais, Maureen Le Doaré, Grégor Marchand✝, Jean-Claude Marquet, Alexandre Michel, Thomas Perrin, Anthony Sécher, Peter Tóth, Anaïs Vignoles.

Renata Araujo, Sara Giardino, Julian Laabs, Nicolas Delsol, and Laura Coltofean translated the application into Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, and Romanian respectively.