L. Vaudor, ISIG, UMR 5600

A Shiny application to simplify the production of statistical graphics

  1. Upload your dataset
    • Specify your datafile's path, and characteristics
    • Subset data prior to any analysis and plotting if you wish
  2. Plot your data
    • Select variables X and Y
    • Select graphic type
    • Adjust characteristics such as size, color, symbols, axis titles, etc.
  3. Export your graphic
    • Choose graphic's format among .png, .jpeg, .bmp and .tiff
    • Choose graphic's size
    • Save graphic
How to cite:

Vaudor, Lise. 2016. graphiT: A Shiny Application to Simplify the Production of Statistical Graphics (Version 1.0). Shiny application.

In .bib format:

	title = {graphiT: {A} {Shiny} application to simplify the production of statistical graphics},
	url = {},
	author = {Vaudor, Lise},
	year = {2016}

Information panels are signalled by:

a) Load data

b) Subset data

Here you can specify some graphic features such as

  • size (in pixels) of your graphic as it appears in the application
  • axes transforms and bounding
  • facets, i.e. if you wish to produce different graphs for different data subsets (defined by the levels of one of the categorical variables in the dataset)
  • theme: general appearance
  • axis labels and title

a) Name and format

b) Choose size

c) Save file